Winter Reset Journal Prompts

Winter Reset Journal Prompts


What does winter mean to you? Do you relish the chance to slow down and do less? Or does the wintry weather and shorter days dull your sparkle?

If you've fallen into a winter slump, then we invite you to check-in with yourself, discover where you can shift your mindset and truly embrace the magic and beauty of this season!

There are a range of tools and tips to transform your winter experience, and of course one of our tried and tested faves is journaling!

Pop the kettle on and take the time to cosy up with your journal and favourite pen. You can use these journal prompts to reflect and reframe your thoughts, so you can make winter wonderful!

Happy journaling xx

Journaling Prompts to Reset your Winter Mindset

  • When you think about winter, what are the first words that spring to mind? Circle those that make you feel warm and fuzzy, and those that put a dampener on your spirits. Doing this exercise will enable you to be mindful in leaning into the areas which bring warmth to your soul, and give you an opportunity to flip your mindset on those that do the opposite.
  • How does winter usually make you feel? What would you like to be different this year? What are 3 things you can do to create that difference?
  • Think about how you can use winter as a spark for transformation! What would you like to do more of this winter? And less of? 
  • How can you celebrate winter? What can you only do in winter that you love? 
  • Write a winter gratitude list. What are the simple pleasures in winter you're thankful for? What brings sunshine to your soul? If you'd like to really get that gratitude glow, use more of our gratitude journaling prompts.
  • Winter extends a beautiful invitation to hibernate and catch up on your fave podcasts, movies, comedians, books & mags. Make a list that you'd love to watch, read and listen to.
  • How can you nourish your body during winter? We straight away think of gorgeous hearty broths, soups and casseroles, but what are your favourite winter foods? Which fruit and veg do you love that are in season? What recipes would you love to try?
  • Baby it's cold outside...but it's also exhilarating! What are your favourite and fun ways to get movement into your day in winter?
  • Finish off by detailing your ideal winter's day. What does your Winter Wonderland look and feel like?
How are you feeling now? Has this ignited sparks of inspiration and given you a list of ways to enjoy winter, and not just endure it? We sure hope so!

Love feeling inspired and organised? Check out the Daily Planner Pad - Make Today Wonderful, and our Mindfulness Journal to energise your wintry days!

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