Soulful Card Writing Tips

Discover Intrinsic's top 5 tips for writing heartfelt greeting card messages for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, Father's Day and celebrating loved ones!


Do you love sending cards but struggle to write what you really feel? We asked our resident wordsmith, Jess, for her tips on writing soulful cards and how she approaches the beautiful task of finding the words that are in her heart and writing them into an Intrinsic card. 

Because as she’ll tell you, it’s one of her favourite parts of birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, special occasions and celebrating her friends and loved ones…putting her purple pen to paper!

We want you to feel just as empowered and confident to write from your soul. Because after all…who doesn’t love that special, sparkly feeling of receiving a gorgeous, meaning-filled card! 

Read on to discover Jess's Top 5 Tips on how to embrace your inner card-writing ninja!

1. Lean into your why

A little time spent thinking about the meaning and reason behind the card, will make it easier for the words to flow when you sit down to write.  

Why are you writing the card? What emotions or thoughts would you love to get across? What does the person mean to you? How do you want them to feel when they read it? What would you love to talk about in the card?

If you’re feeling stuck, use these thought provokers to get your brain ticking…

  • Reflect on magic moments or favourite memories you’ve experienced together
  • Share what you’re most proud of them for
  • List all the positive adjectives you can think of that describe the person
  • Reflect on how you feel when you’re with them
  • Express your gratitude for the role they play in your life and how much they mean to you
  • Let them know the difference they’ve made to your life

2. Take your time

Take the pressure off by allowing your thoughts and emotions to marinate. It can be such an enriching experience to take the time over a few days to think about the wonderful human you’re sending the card to and the impact they’ve had on your life.

As the magic moments, memories, thoughts, experiences and feelings all bubble up to the surface, capture them in voice notes on your phone or on your trusty notepad

All of this pondering and brain dumps will help you to hone in on what you’d love to say in your message!

3. Go with the flow

One of the best ways to find your card writing rhythm is to get into a flow state.

When you’ve finished brainstorming, set aside some time where you can be free from interruptions. Make a cuppa in your fave Intrinsic cup, settle into a cosy nook and open your heart. 

One other beautiful way to activate a flow state is looking at old photos of who you’re writing the card to. It helps you to slow down and recall memories and aspects that are special or unique about that person.

You might also find it useful to have a notebook or journal handy for when inspiration strikes. It’s amazing what brilliant thoughts and ideas can come to you when you’re doing the dishes, going for a walk, having a shower or are immersed in another task!!

    4. Write a draft first

    You don’t have to jump straight into putting pen to paper and writing the card! Let your ideas and thoughts spill out into a draft, and then take the time to shape it into your final message. 

      Once you think you’ve got your final version, it’s also really helpful to write it onto paper which is the same size as your card. This way, you won't accidentally write too close to the edge and you know your message will fit without squishing your final sign off and extra xoxo's.

      Use these writing prompts to help you write a draft of what’s in your heart…

      • I love how you…
      • As a Mum/Aunty/friend/brother/nephew you are…
      • I’m grateful that you…
      • 3 amazing things about you are…
      • 10 things I admire about you are…
      • You’ve changed my life by…
      • I really want you to know that…
      • I’ll never forget… 

      5. Just words!

      We love what Jess does each year for her daughter’s birthdays. On one side of the card she’ll write ‘At 7 you are…’ and then fills the page with all of the adjectives that describe them at that point of time. Then she uses the other side to write a heartfelt message to her precious girls. 

      We think this is perfect for times when you have writer’s block and takes the pressure off of having to write a message.

      And now for a couple of bonus tips…

      Embrace your writing style!

      You don’t need to be a poet, an author, or a copywriter and you definitely don’t need to sound like anyone else. 

      Think about how you feel when you receive a card. It really is the thought that counts, and that the person made time to send you those soulful sentiments. 

      Long form or short? There are no rules for message length when it comes to card writing. Sometimes one strong sentence or statement can hold more power or meaning than a whole page. 

      Have fun with it!

      Don’t get hung up on writing the ‘perfect card’...because what on earth is that anyway?! 

      Have fun with the entire process - from choosing a card that sings to your soul, to diving into the memories and magic moments, to writing the draft and then using a pen you love to write the final message to your special person.

      There’s only one good time and that is now…and now is a beautiful time to take the opportunity to make someone’s day with a soulful card!


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