Make Winter Wonderful

Make Winter Wonderful

5 Ways to Make Winter Wonderful

Has this felt like a never-ending winter for you? There’s no doubt that the cold, rain and dreary days can all affect our mood and motivation. The winter blues can creep in for even the most resilient spirits!

However, nestled amongst the wintry weather and shorter days, there is so much beauty and so many treasures waiting to be discovered!

In this article we ask you…

Where can you find colour? Where can you find wonder? How can you make this winter wonderful?

The following 5 tips will help you transform your winter mindset, to create a season full of warmth, inspiration, and joy that you’ll cherish for years to come.

1. Slow down & go within

In winter, Mother Earth gives us an invitation to slow down, take it easy and go within. 

But so many of us can struggle to do that!

Take a cue from nature around you, and give yourself permission to take it down a notch, hibernate and do less. Really sink into the season and embrace the opportunity to connect with your human 'being' rather than your human 'doing'.

Also, if you’re keen to dive deeper into how to shift your winter mindset, cosy up with your journal and favourite pen, and use our Winter Reset journaling prompts! 

2. Get the Gratitude Glow!

It can be easy to get drawn into the collective misery, so be the light and flip that kind of talk on its head!

Notice and appreciate every ounce of good in your life and really amp up your gratitude practice during winter. 

You can use these prompts and ideas to get you glowing with gratitude…

  • Start and finish the day on a high by writing down at least 10 things you’re grateful for about your life or day
  • Talk about the daily 3 at work or home. What are 3 good things that happened today?
  • What’s great about the community/city I live in?
  • I’m grateful for my friends/family because…
  • The strengths I’m most grateful for right now…
  • What is something you're grateful to have today that you didn't have the same time last year?
  • Three people who have positively impacted & made a difference in my life…
  • Write down all the simple pleasures in winter you're thankful for!
  • Another fun idea is to take a photo each day of something you’re grateful for!

And of course for our Diary users - take note of the Golden moments throughout the day and make sure you tick it off in your Habit Tracker each day! 

3. Celebrate the season

Another way to thrive in winter is to think of all the wonderful things you can do to feel warm and fuzzy.

What makes winter unique? What does winter give you the chance to do that no other season does? And most importantly, how can you look at winter as a season to embrace and enjoy, rather than just endure?!

Make a list of what you can enjoy this winter and the new things you can try. It can be as simple as:

  • Make your space as cosy, comfy and warm as humanly possible!
  • Read a new book each week
  • Embrace seasonal produce
  • Send letters & cards to loved ones
  • Organise a Winter Weekend Getaway
  • Find a new fave hot drink 
  • Have a regular winter activity - board games night or potluck dinner, anyone?
  • Reach out to friends - in person, online or over the phone
  • Load up on sun whenever you can
  • Choosy happy books, movies and music
  • Learn the winter constellations
  • Get nostalgic with old photos
  • Host a long, slow lunch with wintry dishes on the menu and wonderful conversation
  • Have a ‘Crafternoon’ day with friends or the kids
  • Put on a European summer playlist, cook up your favourite Euro-inspired meal, and have fun dreaming of the warm days ahead 

4. Nourish yourself

Nourish your body with gorgeous hearty broths, soups and casseroles. And don’t forget what’s in season - hello the power of oranges and leafy greens!

It’s easy to lose motivation when it's cold, but your body will feel so much better with daily movement. And be creative with how you move your body! Here at Intrinsic, we’re a huge fan of an impromptu dance break - crank up your fave tunes and get your groove on!

Nurture your soul by keeping in touch with your loved ones throughout winter, make it a priority each week to do activities that light you up, and have dates on the calendar to look forward to.

Treat your mind with books, podcasts, movies and conversations that feel like sunshine! 

5. Laugh out loud

There’s no reason we can’t all have fun in winter! Just watch kids - how good are muddy puddles! Not to mention singing and dancing in the rain.

And while that mightn’t be practical for every day - you can catch up with friends, put on your fave comedy or watch a comedian - whatever it is that gets you giggling!

Winter is also a great time to get on board with dopamine dressing! Keep your wardrobe bright - whether it’s your OOTD or by adding a burst of colour with bright scarves, coats, hats and accessories. 

Also...why not get yourself a bright pair of gumboots to go jumping in those puddles!!


And lastly…remember that winter is only 13 weeks of the year!

We hope these 5 tips get you inspired to change your winter mindset so you not only survive but thrive during this season.  

Of course, please make sure you reach out if you’re struggling during this season - you never have to go it alone.

If you're loving these tips but want to dive even deeper into your beliefs about winter use these 11 Winter Reset Journal Prompts to shift your mindset, embrace the beauty of winter and enjoy the season!

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