Repurposed Calendar Bon Bons

Repurposed Calendar Bon Bons


Welcome to a very merry Intrinsic Calendar upcycle.

As the year draws to a close, you (like us) might be wondering how you can extend the life of your Intrinsic Calendar. After all, those 12 months of colourful gorgeousness deserve as much time in the limelight as possible.

Well, what if we told you that with your Intrinsic Calendar, you can create 12 free Christmas Bon Bons?

Step into the Intrinsic wonderland of Christmas Crafts, where we repurpose the Calendar into the merriest Christmas Crackers you ever did see. This DIY project is not only a fun project to do (especially with the kids as a school holiday activity), but there is so much joy to be had from seeing your unique, upcycled Bon Bons on your festive table.

Below, we share with you how we did it, so you can recreate these decorations at home.



DIY Repurposed Calendar Bon Bons:

Materials we used:

*If you don't have a Cricut Maker, you can absolutely still make these! It will require you to trace the template directly onto the Calendar, and more manual cutting, but the resulting Bon Bons will make all of that extra energy so worth it.

1. Start by finding your ideal template. We used this free Christmas Cracker template from @mrjocraft. We absolutely love the scalloped edges! It also is a perfectly sized fit for the Intrinsic Calendar.

2. Drop your template into your Cricut design space. The size is perfectly suited to the Intrinsic Calendar, so no changing needed! We also aligned ours so that it was centred to the Calendar. If you have Cricut's 12x24inch mat, you can actually duplicate the design, and lay out two calendar pages on the mat.

3. Set your Cricut settings to a medium weight card stock (we used 210gsm).

4. Once printed, you'll see there are a bunch of diamond shapes to pop out. If you'd like to do an extra DIY - keep these for DIY bunting!

5. Follow the folding instructions that @mrjocraft laid out.

6. If you'd like to put any little gifts inside your Bon Bons, lay these inside. Otherwise, glue or put double-sided tape on one of the edges, and stick it to the other edge. Your Christmas Cracker is almost complete!

7. Using your ribbon, tie a bow to both ends of the bon bon. Feel free to go full colourful here, and choose all sorts of different ribbon colours!

And there you go, your Repurposed Calendar Bon Bons are complete. And don't they look simply gorgeous! If you make this festive DIY project, we'd love to see - share with us @theintrinsicway

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