Colour yourself calm

Colour yourself calm

Have you ever had the feeling of being so absorbed in a task, that time seemed to disappear and distractions didn't feel so pervasive? You were most likely in a state of flow - a form of active mindfulness where you're completely engaged in the task at hand. 

Like meditation, mindfulness colouring allows us to get in to flow, switch off, focus on the present moment, and block out external distractions.

Colouring is for all ages - young and young at heart - as it has a range of benefits such as reducing stress, stopping the flow of negative thoughts, and taking you back to playful childhood memories that give you an instant pick me up.

Read on for tips and trick to add mindful magic to your colouring-in session...

5 tips for a blissful drawing experience:

1. Create a calm space
Before you put pencil to paper, sit quietly for a few minutes and get curious - observe the space around you and the pattern you intend to colour-in. How does it make you feel, what emotions come up? Try to look at it with fresh eyes - what do you see that you have never noticed before? 

2. Quieten your mind 
Watch out for those sneaky inner judgmental thoughts - let them bounce off you like a raindrop falling on an umbrella, and try to stay in the present moment. Avoid thinking about previous experiences or focusing too much on the end result, as that will take you away from the magic you could be creating.

3. Be kind to yourself
Being non-critical can be a challenge, but being kind to yourself is a key ingredient of a mindful practice. If you start telling yourself that you can’t draw, swap this for encouraging thoughts that push you to experiment and try a new skill.

4. Think outside the box
There are many different ways to colour, so think outside the box. A couple of techniques we suggest:

  • Try using a new medium, such as watercolour pencils, where you can use just the pencil lines, or use a bit of water on a brush to create a softer look in certain areas.
  • Try 'stippling' which is using a whole lot of lovely dots to fill a space.
  • Try colouring an area with the pencil never leaving the paper to create a fluid action.

Mixing up your tools and techniques will add a new dimension to drawing that can help improve your focus, and extend the fun of your experience by trying something new.

5. Have fun and play
Remember, there is no right or wrong way to draw. The end result isn’t the main goal with mindful drawing; it is the process of a focused, calm and meditative drawing experience that is most important.

We have a range of Intrinsic's very own gorgeous printable colouring-in designs. Visit our Colouring-in Page to download them all, tune in to your inner-artist, and create a sense of calm in your life. 

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