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At Intrinsic, our mission is to make a positive difference in your life, so we've created a magical array of puzzle downloads - all for free!

If you like working your mind with code breakers and word searches, we've added an inspirational spin with Adèle Basheer quotes and soul-soothing words.

These print-out puzzle pages are the perfect down-time activity for both adults and kids, promising a mindful moment to unwind, relax and clear your mind.

Intrinsic Code Breakers

Intrinsic's Free Code Breaker Puzzle #1

Download Intrinsic's Code Breaker #1 


Download to Unplug & Unwind With Intrinsic Code Breaker #2


Intrinsic Code Breaker Puzzles Free Download

Download Intrinsic's Code Breaker #3

Have you worked your mind and discovered the magic that lies within these puzzle downloads? It's time for the solutions to check your answers!

View The Intrinsic Code Breaker Solutions

 Intrinsic Word Searches

Unplug and Unwind with Intrinsic Word Search #1Download Intrinsic's Word Search #1 

Unplug and Unwind - Download Intrinsic's Free Word Search Puzzle #2

Intrinsic Word Search Puzzel #1 - Free Download

Download Intrinsic's Word Search #3


More printables to inspire your soul

If you're loving these mind-opening puzzles, we have more print-outs to add a rainbow of inspiration to your day! Browse our inspirational colouring-in pages

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