Soulful Journaling Prompts

Intrinsic Soul Journaling Prompts

Is it time for a 'me moment'? Journalling your daily happenings allows you to discover insights into your own life situation, and recognise the patterns and habits that hold you back or propel you forward. It can bring a greater sense of calm to your life, more moments of peace, and a re-energised body, mind and soul.

Getting started can be the tricky part for some, so we have collected a few of our favourite prompts to help you put pen to paper. 

Happy journaling xx

Seven soulful journaling prompts:

1. What does my dream day look like from sunrise to sunset? Circle a few things that you could bring to life tomorrow.

2. If you could add another string to your bow (talent/skill or ability) what would you choose? Journal the possibilities.

3. List the things you love about yourself, both inside and out.

4. What am I most proud of today?

5. Who am I most inspired by and why? Take this one step further and share with your chosen inspiration.

6. What is an area of your life you would like to improve and why? Health, career, relationships, family, money, adventure, fun...

7. What is your superpower? What magic do you bring to those around you? 

Feeling inspired and want even more prompts to motivate your journal writing? Discover our Intuition Cards and pick one each time you need some journaling inspo! 

Read more tips for starting your journaling journey or explore the Intrinsic Blog.

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