10 Ways to Spread Kindness

Intrinsic Greeting Cards 10 Ways To Spread Kindness

When we find ourselves touched by kindness, our hearts glow in gratitude and appreciation. Think about the last time someone surprised you with a random act of kindness. How did it make you feel? Did you light up with joy?

A simple act of kindness can ripple into the hearts of others, giving them all the warm and fuzzy feels. It leaves them inspired, wanting to share that powerful feeling with others, and more likely to pay it forward - something we need more of right now.

"Love lives in the little acts of kindness we give to one another,
Let us be the light in each other's world"
Adèle Basheer 

To help spread positive vibes, we've compiled a fun list of good deeds you can carry out. 

10 ways to spread kindness during chaos:

1. Phone a friend - if you can't see your friend for a while, a surprise phone call to tell them how much they mean to you will make their day. So buzz your bestie for a 'just because' chat!

2. Snail mail - put pen to paper the old-school way, and write a handwritten letter or card (our Greeting Cards are the perfect fit!) to share the love via post.

3. Send a care package - know someone who has self-isolated or stuck at home with kids? Bundle a selection of helpful items and treats, then drop off to their doorstep. Support your favourite local stores while putting together your package.

4. Family focus - tell someone in your family why you're grateful for them. Send a text, video chat, or post on social media to envelope them in gratitude and love.

5. Brightening boost - leave cute notes in secret spots for the ones you love, such as the top of a lunch box, under the pillow, or inside their bag. What a lovely surprise! (We've got you covered with inspiring notepaper).

6. Play it loud - create an uplifting playlist and share with your bestie for a dance session at home (a couple of our fave playlists are Mood Booster on Spotify and Have A Great Day on Spotify). Then skype each other and have an online dance party!

7. Extra supplies - add an extra item to your shopping basket for a friend, family member or neighbour. A chocolate bar, bottle of handwash, or roll of toilet paper are all greatly appreciated in these times.

8. Lend a hand - if you have time to burn, why not cook a meal for your mum, mow your neighbour's lawn, or walk your isolated friend's dog.

9. Lighten up - sift through your wardrobe, attic or top shelves, and let go of items you no longer need. Surprise your sister with that dress she's always eyed off, or donate to someone else in need.

10. Unsung heroes - remind the delivery person, the postie, the teenager at the check-out, the hard-working nurse, or the bin collector, that they are doing an amazing job. You'll make their day with a dose of praise and appreciation. 

By following some of the above ideas, you'll not only make the recipient smile with happiness, but you'll make your own soul glow with joy too. And we could all benefit from some feel-good vibes right now.

These random acts of kindness are inspired by the long list in Intrinsic's Gratitude Guided Journal, which gives tips and advice for spreading positive ripples of light in the world.

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