Fill Your Festive Cup!

Fill Your Festive Cup!


Christmas Joys are those little sparkles of festive magic that light up your heart and soul during the holiday season. 

Whether it’s baking up a Christmas storm, listening to carols, volunteering, crafting home-made presents, decorating your home, or writing thoughtful messages to those you can’t be’s a beautiful gift to yourself to weave more of these joys into your festive season!

To give you some inspo, here are some of the Intrinsic team’s favourite Christmas Joys:

  • Cranking up the Christmas carols to sing & dance to around the house
  • Visiting the Christmas Tree Farm with the kids to pick a tree, strapping it to the car & cruising to festive tunes on the ride home
  • Hanging twinkly lights on the house to delight everyone walking or driving past
  • Discovering new Christmas decorations in the perfect colour palette
  • Decorating the Christmas tree (or indoor plants!)
  • Giving an unexpected gift to whoever is hosting lunch or dinner
  • Visiting the local Christmas street or village to marvel at the light displays
  • Baking Christmas treats & gifts; gingerbread, shortbread & chocolate truffles
  • Buying a new decoration each year for grandchildren, so when they leave home they will have their own gorgeous collection!
  • The aroma of a real pine tree wafting through the house
  • Reconnecting with family and friends you haven’t seen in a while
  • Getting the kids to choose a new toy & placing it under the Gifting Tree for those in need
  • Placing a Christmas bauble on the table for family who are no longer with us
  • Chatting to the sellers of The Big Issue & giving them a generous
    Christmas tip

What are your Christmas Joys?

How about you - what do you love about Christmas time? And what would you love to do more of? How can you make this festive season one that delights and lights up both your life and others?

Pop on your fave Christmas tunes, find a comfy spot and grab your journal to write down everything that brings a festive smile to your face. 

Or if you need some help getting your festive flow on, here are some journaling prompts to get you started:

  • My favourite Christmas memories are…
  • What are three things I value most at Christmas time?
  • The magical moments I love about Christmas are…
  • The Christmas joys I would love to enjoy more of this year are…

Happy journaling! xx

To fill your festive season with meaning, fun & our free Festive Flow Planner to unpack what you hold closest to your heart at Christmas. Then dabble in a spot of pre-Christmas planning, to ease into the festive season feeling organised and ready to jingle!

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