Nature-loving Journal Prompts

Nature-loving Journal Prompts


There is so much power in truly being present, particularly when you’re immersed in nature - it’s a literal ‘take the time to smell the roses’ moment. 

As our inspiration icon, Adèle Basheer, found out for herself, taking her journal out into the garden and writing about what she was noticing in her space created a really powerful shift!

We invite you to find a cosy spot in your garden (or somewhere outside in the fresh air) and follow these nature-themed journaling prompts to get you grounded in the present moment.

Happy journaling xx

Eight journaling prompts to connect with nature

  • Stop and take a look around - what makes you smile about this scene? 
  • When you are in your favourite part of your garden or a nature space you love, list all the things that you can smell at this moment.
  • Move on to all of the things you can feel, what you can see, what you can hear and what you can taste
  • What plant do you love to grow the most in the garden? Or what would you like to try?
  • Write down some of the best memories you've had in the garden or outdoors (feel free to get nostalgic and think back to your childhood until present day).
  • What nature-filled place do you most love to spend time in?
  • Which season is your favourite to be outside in and why?
  • Write down some of the things you are looking forward to doing outdoors in the next few months.

How do you feel? We hope you’re peacefully tuned into the here and now, immersed in your natural surrounds with all of your senses engaged, and looking forward to more time in the great outdoors.

Now sit back, relax, and enjoy that fresh air! 

Love your garden or being outdoors? Check out the Garden Lover's Journal and our Garden Lover's Collection for a floral burst of blooming beauty that will energise your nature-loving dreams!

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