Travel Journals: A Guide To Choosing Your Perfect Match

5 Types Of Travel Journals: A Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Match For Document Your Own Unique Journey | Adele Basheer | Adelaide Australia | Travelling


To travel is to shape our lives in the most unexpected and extraordinary of ways. More than merely visiting a new city or ticking a destination off the list, travelling often brings about an abundance of magic moments, self-discovery and surprises along the way. Through journaling your adventure, you’re able to capture the true essence of all of those things that make each journey unique. The emotions, the sights, the sounds, the seemingly unforgettable memories that can somehow seem to fade once back to the day-to-day routine of life back home.

Below, we delve into five types of Intrinsic Journals to suit different traveling personalities.

Whether you thrive on the details of a traditional Travel Journal, enjoy the free-form creativity of a Blank Journal, prefer the structured prompts of a Guided Journal, need the portability of a Mini Journal, or love to soul-search with a Dream Journal, this list will take you through a range of possibilities that will get your pen flowing.


Five Types of Travel Journals to Accompany Your Next Adventure

1. The Iconic Travel Journal

Our classic and iconic Travel Journal gives you the confidence that you’ll truly be making the most of recording your adventure and its magic moments. With organisational check-lists, guided questions, as well as free-flowing space to write, this kind of journal is a match made in globetrotting heaven for the Organisers among us. We love how the Travel Journal’s prompts helps to create structure, sparking thoughts you otherwise mightn’t have tapped into.

Intrinsic's Travel Journal. Classic and iconic, with guided journaling questions and prompts, check-lists, packing lists, itinerary planning, free-flowing lined pages to write in. Colourful with inspirational positive messages by Adèle Basheer. Designed in Adelaide, South Australia

You’ll love a traditional travel journal if…

  • …you love giving friends and family your travel recommendations. (You can conveniently record all your top spots in the guided areas of the journal);
  • …you enjoy the balance of structured journaling prompts, as well as blank, lined pages that allow your thoughts to freely spill onto the page.
  • …you don’t always having the time or brain space for journaling your whole day, but you also don’t like the feeling of missing recording a day. (Say hello to the ‘Highlights’ one-pager repeated throughout your Journal section!);
  • …you love trip-planning and travel organisation. (The destination research, daily planner, and packing list sections are for you!)


2. The Blank, Unlined Journal

For our Creative Thinkers, Doodlers and Scrapbookers, a journal with blank pages is the one for you. Uninhibited by lines on a page, your thoughts and drawings can move in any direction you feel. After all, some of the best travel moments are those that we stumble upon when guided not by a plan, but by intuition. We love our blank A5 Journals for this type of travel journaling, as they are big enough to allow your creativity to flow, but not too big that it steals all the real estate in your day pack or handbag. Plus, the designs on those journal covers are simply urging you to pick them up and pour into.

Intrinsic's blank, unlined A5 Journals. Best choice for travel journaling for scrapbooking, drawing and collecting souvenirs to cut and paste into your journal.

You’ll love a blank, unlined journal if…

  • …you love to record your adventure through drawing, whether that be fun mini doodles and creative typography, or illustrating the scene of a favourite moment of your day;
  • …you’re a liquorice all-sorts kinda travel journaler. Maybe you want to write about anything, from your daily happenings and to-do lists, to personal goals you’re inspired to reach post-travel;
  • …you’re a collector! Bring a glue stick or washi tape along with you, and stick in moments collected en route – train tickets, a gelateria’s business card, a receipt of a favourite purchase or a polaroid.


3. The Guided Journal

There is something so raw and re-energising about travel, that it helps us to strip the layers off, unpack our personal baggage, and be more of our truest self. Thousands of kilometres away from home, we can often be inspired – in a BIG way – to really make sure we’re creating a most amazing life, even once we’ve touched back down from our adventure. Sound familiar? Well, Goal-Getters and Soul-Seekers, our Create Your Fate Guided Journal is calling for a well-deserved spot in your carry-on.

 Intrinsic Create Your Fate Guided Goals Journal. With guided journaling prompts and questions, to help you live your best life while travelling. Positive messages and quotes from Adèle Basheer. Designed in Adelaide, South Australia.

You’ll love using the Create Your Fate Journal while traveling if…

  • Travel often evokes a sense of motivation to live your best life, and embrace your goals and dreams;
  • You’re navigating a new chapter in your life (perhaps that’s what instigated your trip in the first place!)
  • You want a journal that you can continue to use as a life tool post-travel.


4. The Mini Journal

If you sometimes feel a sense of overwhelm and ‘where do I start?’ when staring down the length of a big blank page, then a blank Mini Journal is the one for you. Put pen to paper without the pressure of ‘not having enough to write’. Because of the compact size of a mini journal, it’s an ideal one for our fellow List-Makers & Note-Takers. Easily keep it in your bag throughout the day, and whip it out whenever your heart desires!

Intrinsic Mini Journal. With inspirational quotes and messages from Adèle Basheer. Perfectly compact to fit in your carry on and travel backpack, so you can quickly pop out at any moment while travelling. Travel Journal. Designed in Adelaide, South Australia

You’ll love a Mini Journal if…

  • …you like to jot down quick notes on the places you’ve just visited (did that boulangerie you just visited have the best pain au chocolat ever? Go on! Write it down in your mini journal, so you can remember it for later)
  • …you often strike up conversation with people you meet along the way, and want to take note of their recommendations (Has your waiter just given you some beautifully authentic, local recommendations of places to visit? Quick! Note them down in your mini journal.);
  • …you’re a list-maker! A daily list! A souvenir shopping list! A list of your favourite walks, streets, restaurants! A list of magic travel moments;
  • …you love to collect cute souvenirs, moments and those little bits of je ne sais quoi that you can easily glue into a mini journal as your own travelling time capsule.


5. The Dream Journal

You’re on a holiday high, in a state of flow, and suddenly? You allow yourself to open up to those dreams of yours that have been hibernating in the hustle of everyday busy-ness. Dreamers: this is your time to put pen to paper in a Dream Journal, letting the thoughts of your dreams flow onto the page as smoothly as a gelato under the Italian sun. Uninhibited and away from home, this is your journal to bring your dreams into the light.

Intrinsic Magical Dream Journal. Designed in Adelaide South Australia. Use this as a travel journal, to help bring your dreams into the light while you're in a state of holiday flow.

You’ll love using the Dream Journal while traveling if…

  • Escaping to faraway destinations and being away from home allows you to loosen your inhibitions and open yourself up to your own inner wisdom and ideas;
  • You are embarking on a soul-searching journey and looking to discover insights into your own life situation;
  • You like the freedom to record and write your dreams on blank pages (with cosmic-inspired bordering patterns, of course.)


If this list has your wanderlust at an all-time high, you may like to wander to our Travel collection. From Luggage Tags and Passport Wallets to Travel Clutches and Journals (of course!), the collection holds a vibrant dose of dopamine to accompany your adventures ahead.


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