Three Insightful Podcasts

Intrinsic Three Insightful Podcasts

Do you like listening to inspirational stories? Hearing tips and tricks from industry leaders on how to live your best life? Needing a little motivational magic?

In the Intrinsic studio, we all love a juicy podcast to open our mind, uplift our mood and inspire our views. So let us introduce you to three thought-provoking and insightful podcasts. 

Grab your headphones, put on the kettle, pick your favourite mug, and find a comfy spot to relax and unwind. Or pop outside and listen in the fresh air - we love to get a nature hit while we tune out.

Happy listening!

Ten Percent Happier Podcast

Ten Percent Happier
The Ten Percent Happier Podcast combines practical advice and wisdom for modern life. The host, Dan Harris, found meditation after experiencing a panic attack live on television show Good Morning America. He now interviews guests on how to add that extra dose of happiness into the everyday.

What we're listening to right now:

Episode #232: How to Actually Get Work Done at Home - Rasmus Hougaard & Jacqueline Carter 

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Deliciously Ella Podcast

Deliciously Ella
The Deliciously Ella Podcast shares open and honest conversations around mental and physical health, to stay positive in a busy world. The weekly episodes focus on bringing inspiration from experts in the areas of sustainability, happiness, exercise, stress and healthy eating.

What we're listening to right now:

Episode #53: Reframing Our Thinking: How To Believe Good Things Can Happen - Dr Tara Swart

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The Melissa Ambrosini Show Podcast

The Melissa Ambrosini Show
Each episode of The Melissa Ambrosini Show shares interviews with thought leaders from around the world, in the areas of mindset, health, business and purpose. Melissa’s mission is to inspire people to create an exciting and meaningful life and to help propel you into action.

What we're listening to right now:

Episode #283: Overcoming Adversity & Activating Your Full Potential - Turia Pitt

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We hope you get lots of useful takeaways from the above inspirational episodes. Stay tuned! We will share more podcast goodness on the Intrinsic Blog in the following weeks, to leave you uplifted, supported, inspired and knowledgeable.

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