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As staying at home continues to become our new ‘normal’, many are using this time to dust off their bookshelves or audiobooks and get back into the habit of reading.

For those who don’t consider themselves a natural book-worm, it can take a little time to get back into the swing of things. Our three tips for staying on track?

1. Dedicate a small portion of each day to reading.
Pour yourself a cuppa in your favourite mug, set yourself somewhere comfortable, and start small - aim for just 15 minutes of distraction-free, reading time each day. 

2. Switch out the bedtime scroll.
Who else gets lost in a social media abyss once tucking into the covers at night? You’re not alone, but there’s an easy fix! Leave your phone at the opposite corner of your bedroom - or in a different room altogether - and use this time to fit in some reading instead.

3. Choose a book you want to read.
This one sounds simple, but it’s a good reminder! Sometimes we can get caught up in books we
think we should read, but if there’s one thing that’s going to help make that reading habit stick, it’s choosing something because you absolutely want to.

    We asked our Intrinsic team for one of their top reads and recommendations. From self-discovery to dive-right-in fiction, discover what books have positively impacted us below! 

    Alija: The Gifts of Imperfection - Brene Brown

    “I read The Gifts Of Imperfection a little while ago, but I had so many ah-ha moments and takeaways that I still implement it in my day-to-day… particularly when I’m having an off day. The book focuses on knowing who you really are at your core, and embracing that whole-heartedly while letting go of everything else that doesn’t serve you. I recently gave this one to my mum, to help her navigate her own new chapter in life and re-discover her own purpose.”

    The Gifts of Imperfection- Brenè Brown

    Sandra: Boy Swallows Universe - Trent Dalton

    “There are many things I loved about Boy Swallows Universe: the imagery of growing up in the 80s; the characters; and the way the main character approaches life, even though his world is actually really tough - I loved his pragmatism and the way he finds magic." 

    Boy Swallows Universe - Trent Dalton

    Olivia: The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho

    “Growing up, our house was filled with Paulo Coelho books… or “Mum’s hippy books” as I often thought of them. After navigating a complete career change last year however, I decided to pick up a copy of The Alchemist, and I quickly fell in love. This fictional tale is so simple yet it brought my perspective on my own life’s journey right back to where it needed to be.”

    The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho

    Lizzi: Rising Strong - Brene Brown

    “I read Rising Strong at a time when I needed extra inspiration and insight to overcome a big life change. This is a book about falling down and getting back up again. It helped me make sense of the stories I (and everyone else!) make up in our heads about self-doubt, uncertainty, insecurity and not feeling good enough. Brene helps you understand how our minds work, and how to face challenges in life to rise up and overcome them. I highly recommend this book to anyone who feels like they've been knocked down and needs a hand to get back up to being their amazing selves!”

    Rising Strong - Brenè Brown

    We'll keep sharing our team's book recommendations in future blog posts, because there are just so many wonderful books out there!

    We'd also love to know what books are on your fave list, or that you find yourself gifting to friends. Let us know on Intrinsic's Facebook or @theintrinsicway on Instagram.

    *Photo credit: We are LOVING Elsie's rainbow bookshelves over on the A Beautiful Mess Blog, photographed by Amber Ulmer.

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