A message from Adele

Adèle Basheer Founder of Intrinsic Adelaide Based Small Business


Hello our beautiful community,

I didn’t expect my first blog post to be right in the middle of the coronavirus fallout - and because I wear my heart on my sleeve, it comes with a good dose of vulnerability and open-heartedness.

I don’t know about you, but the past few weeks have been tough. Tough to experience, tough to watch. I feel it’s taken all our courage and emotional strength to not only embrace this new reality, but to grow from it. One of our team members captured it beautifully on our last Zoom catch up:

“We’re all learning how to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.”

For myself, I’m finally finding some breathing space to recenter after the rollercoaster of uncertainty. 

How corona has affected Intrinsic

Here at Intrinsic, we haven’t been immune to the fallout from Covid-19, far from it. We’ve been hit hard, with many of our beautiful retail stockists forced to close their doors, or cancel orders with us as they try to stay positive and keep their doors open - with very little foot traffic. 

We’ve faced some big challenges in our 24-year history, but never before have we been tested like this. I know that sometimes you have to walk through the darkness in order to stand in the light, and personally, I’ve felt a calling to a bigger purpose, and our mission to make a difference has never felt more meaningful.

But it’s not business as usual, and we’ve had a steep learning curve while embracing new approaches.

How we are helping our community

Our first thoughts went straight to our Intrinsic community - how can we best support our fans, our stockists, and our team. We flipped from inspirational product creation to inspirational content creation - with free printables, wallpapers, blog posts, and tools across our website and social media platforms.

But how to survive?

Like most people, our thoughts soon turned to survival - how can we save money in order to pay our bills and pay our staff? What do we have to give up in order to get through? It’s been far from easy, and unbelievably heart wrenching when we’ve had to let go of staff or reduce their hours.

The other side

Finally, we have to think sustainability if we’re to be here on the other side. What do we need to do in order to not only survive, but to thrive - emotionally, physically, mentally and financially? How do we continue to do what we do best, to remain a guiding light in your life?

It requires creativity, mindfulness and thinking outside the square. I know we can't do it alone. I know it will take the support of everyone in our Intrinsic circle.

Lighting the way

We are determined to keep creating and supplying a steady stream of inspiration and encouragement to your day. We know how valuable it is and what a difference it makes to feel empowered with hope, joy, creativity, courage and a resilient mindset. It gives you the energy to flip your goals, rewire your thoughts, or just get through the day. 

Your support means the world

There are so many ways you can make a difference to us, to help Intrinsic come out the other side to shine even brighter on your world.

  • Share the love: Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and share our inspiration and free resources with your own family and friends, to spread as much positivity as possible.
  • Review us: If you’ve had a product that’s helped you or a loved one, leave us a Facebook review or Google review, or even better, tell your friends.
  • Shop with us: If you’re wanting to give someone (or yourself) an uplifting gift, please contact your favourite Intrinsic stockist, or shop on our online store - if I’m in the studio that day, I’ll even write the card for you!

And thank YOU too

You probably don’t realise that a huge part of what is keeping us going, is all your likes, shares, comments, downloads, orders and messages. You’re really lifting us up, and without you, we wouldn't be able to do what we do.

So thank you for being there for us, so we can continue to be there for you.

As always, love and light...

Adèle Basheer is Intrinsic's co-founder and inspiration queen. If you'd like to get in touch, like Intrinsic on Facebook or follow @theintrinsicway on Instagram and send us a message. Or contact us and we'll be sure to pass on your note to Adèle.

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