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New to working from home? This blog post - written in early 2020 as the world grappled with new working environments due to the COVID-19 pandemic - offers tips and tricks for getting into the working-at-home groove.

With the coronavirus pandemic pushing so many people to work at home, it's been a daunting and confusing change in your work life. Do I wear pyjamas? Can I work on the couch? Yay, I can finally get through that washing pile in the laundry!

Before you get all excited about working in your ugg boots, there are a few things you need to consider to make the most of this new situation. Yes, you’re at home - with all the distractions that come with it - so it’s even more important to set yourself up for success.

This new change is one that many people haven’t encountered before, so we’ve put together five tips to maximise your productivity and ensure you have work/life balance in place… while also wearing your fave pink fluffy socks while you work!

1. Home office - it is essential to have your own workspace when working from home. Yes, it might be enticing to bring your laptop into bed (and that might work for some seasoned pros!) but we suggest setting yourself up at a desk or table where you can easily get into the work zone. Don’t have the luxury of a spare room or counter space? Create a working nook at the corner of your dining table, and you’re set.

2. Start your day right - It might be so tempting to roll out of bed and straight into your working day - PJs still on, hair a mess, and yawning as you start up your computer - but we highly recommend taking a shower (or at least washing your face). It will wake up your sleepy brain, put you in the mentality of ‘going to work’, and reboot your system. And hey, you can even put your trackies back on, we won’t tell ;)

3. Connect with your team - Working at home can easily create feelings of isolation and loneliness, but in a digital age, there are numerous free online tools you can use to stay connected with your team. At Intrinsic, we use Slack for communication, Wrike for task management, and Zoom for video meetings. All of these allow you to chat with your co-workers to keep the work going and the productivity flowing.

4. Balance your breaks - It can feel odd having your lunch break at home, and oh so tempting to get stuck into household chores and jobs. But remember the work/life balance. Use your break away from technology to sit quietly, enjoy your lunch, have some downtime, and really be in the moment. Yes, you can chuck a load of washing into the machine on your way back to work, but remember that your break is just that - a break from work, including housework!

5. Less commute time - Now that you’re not racing to the train, stuck on the bus in traffic, or burning through your car’s petrol, you have extra time on your hands. So think of a meaningful way to use those precious commuting minutes. Sit with your morning cuppa outside and listen to the birds, write a few pages in your journal, or squeeze in an online yoga class. Make the most of this valuable time to clear your mind and set yourself up for a productive day of work… yes, in your fluffy socks!

Wishing you a happy dose of productivity as you work from home. Add a splash of colour to your home office with our inspirational stationery.

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