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There's something worthwhile in looking for the light in life, whether it's smooth sailing or you're faced with obstacles and challenges. Research shows that practicing gratitude leads to a more fulfilling life.

Expressing gratitude not only inspires a deeper appreciation of life, it enriches our connections with others, strengthens our resilience, and leaves us feeling both happier and more peaceful. 

Kindness and gratitude show up in unexpected places, in both sunshiny days and our darkest hours. It can soften a hardened heart and put the blues at bay. It has the power to heal, and create deep and lasting joy.

"Find time for joy, for the little sparkles of love and light that bring sunshine to your soul"
Adèle Basheer

Counting our blessings and focusing on the bright side of life nourishes our soul and creates a glow that sends positive ripples all around us. 

Gratitude is a constant practice. So we've made it a little easier to create the habit, with a simple and fun exercise to get you in the gratitude groove.

Grab a pen, your fave journal, and use these journaling prompts to add an extra dose of happy into your world.

8 guided questions to get that gratitude glow:

  • Who am I grateful for right now?
  • What am I thankful for in my life?
  • What's the best thing about this moment?
  • What's great about the community I live in?
  • The three qualities I love most about my family?
  • I'm grateful to my friends for?
  • I like to be a good friend by?
  • Three people I'm grateful for right now in my work, school or circle?

After that journaling activity, we're sure you're feeling lighter, happier and more full of joy! Complete this task weekly, or whenever you need inspiration and encouragement along the grateful path in life.

These journaling questions are taken from Intrinsic's Gratitude Guided Journal, which shows you how to capture life’s magic moments and hidden treasures.


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