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Few areas of life hold as much thrill as the prospect of a bold, daring adventure and our mini journal will dare you to step outside your comfort zone, begin a new chapter in life and inspire your life filled with the unknown.

Intrinsic's dreamy purple, pint-sized journal easily slips into your pocket or handbag to carry with you for whenever inspiration hits and you need to jot down those light-bulb adventurous ideas!

Run your fingers over the beautifully embossed cover as you visualise all the new endeavours you are looking to pursue in your life.

Use this mini journal to:

  • Work towards a challenging life goal you’ve always wanted to achieve
  • Inspire yourself with a new hobby
  • Plan a business venture you’d love to get off the ground
  • Figure out a plan to shake up your career

No matter your intentions, put pen to paper to dream a bold, exciting new adventure that will get you seeking and craving more.

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Journal features

  • Durable and lightweight
  • Fits in your hand - 145mm X 99mm
  • High quality, vegan leather
  • Beautifully embossed in a boho-style pattern
  • Features messages and words by Adèle Basheer
  • 300 blank, white pages, tinged with gold foiling
  • Inner ribbon to keep track of your latest ideas 

More about this journal

Anything we want to achieve begins with a thought. And the simple act of putting pen to paper is what makes the difference between wishing and making goals a reality.

By journaling ideas for new adventures, you will be more enthusiastic, invigorated and  uncover possibilities you hadn’t even thought of before.

Adventures get us high on life - literally! Every time we seek exciting new experiences, the body releases feel good endorphins that cause us to feel energised and alive. And the more adventures we experience, the more fulfilled we find ourselves.

As you think about your vision for seeking new adventures, think about:

  • What excites you from within?
  • Are you feeling stale and want to switch up your career?
  • Do you dream of packing up life completely to find a new place to call home?
  • Perhaps you want to energise your relationship with surprise date nights and mini stay-cations?

My Bright Ideas For New Adventures is the perfect little journal to live a life full of great adventures.


“Dreams belong to those who follow the path of the brave” Adèle Basheer

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