Mother's Day Celebrations

<h1> Mother's Day Celebrations </h1>


“Mothers are really angels, sent here to fill our hearts with love and joy so the world is more beautiful” Adèle Basheer


Leaves are changing colours and days are getting cooler in Australia, as Autumn brings a crispness to the air, which means that Mother’s Day is sneaking closer! Circle Sunday 13 May in your diary to celebrate the wonderful mother or mother figures in your world. 

Your beautiful mum has been with you from the start, and while she deserves to be super-spoiled with special treasures that she will cherish forever, the thing she’ll love the most is spending time with your lovely self! So make her day extra special by scheduling in some ‘mum and me’ time. 

Our ideas for how to spend Mother’s Day:

  • Make your Mum the quintessential brekky in bed - and jump in to enjoy the yummy treats too!
  • Take her for a stroll in your local park to get back to nature, breathe in the Autumn air, and watch the leaves float to the ground. This is especially fun if you have kids in your clan, as they’ll love stomping and crunching on the fallen leaves!
  • Zen out by taking Mum to a local yoga or meditation class to balance your minds.
  • Sweat it out together - put on your favourite music and dance crazily around the house. Or visit a gym and try a class you’ve never done before.
  • Ask your Mum for her favourite family recipe, pick up all the ingredients you need, then cook up a storm together and learn a few cooking secrets along the way.
  • Tap into your arty side by buying a canvas and paint to create a mutual masterpiece. Get messy and let your creative side take over! Mum can then hang it in her home to remember the artistic fun times with you.
  • Pull out the board games and get back to basics with an old fashioned ‘non-digital’ pastime. Roll the dice and let the fun begin.

If you live away from your beautiful Mum, don’t let distance stop you from celebrating Mother’s Day!

  • Schedule a video call and have lunch at the same time while catching up.
  • Watch a movie or Netflix together while texting your commentary!
  • Get old school and send her a heartfelt letter to read on the day.
  • Post a collage of photos on Mum’s Facebook or create an Instagram Story with your fave pics together.
However you choose to spend this special day as a family, take that extra effort to spend quality time together, have fun and create memories along the way.

Need some inspiration for that perfect Mother’s Day gift? We’ve put together a few of our fave products that we think your Mum will love. View our Mother’s Day collection here
Every year Adèle and Jamie run in the Mother’s Day Classic in honour of Jamie’s Mum who passed away from breast cancer. Visit the Mother's Day Classic website to help raise funds for breast cancer research or join in this inspirational event.

Adele's treasured mumma moments


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