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We love to hear your feedback, thoughts and ideas. Here are just some of the messages that have warmed our hearts and put a smile on our face. If there's something you'd like to add, click here.

Magical Birthday

Today was my birthday! Today a lovely friend gave me one of your birthday cards and I was blown away by the beautiful words, simplicity and design. Bless Adele Basheer for making my birthday, if just for a moment, magical through her words and wishes - thank you.

Over the years I have received many cards for various things but none have touched me as this one today. So, in future I will be looking for the Intrinsic sign when I need an inspirational verse for all the special people in my life.

Catherine, Australia

Something Meaningful

Intrinsic always has something meaningful to say no matter what is happenning in my life at any time.

April, Australia

Planting hope

I is for Intrinsic!! The website that plants hope back into my life.

Vicki, Australia


When I feel flat or need an 'emotional' pick me up, Intrinsic is a great site to visit. I love that the stories are real, articles thought provoking and the sayings, valid. Thank you!

Zakhia, Australia

Hopes, Dreams and Wishes

Thank you for the quick and positive response! I look forward to creating a visual set of goals for my year, as well as writing them out on the resolution psoter.

Thank you for being so awesome, inspiring and for listening to your customers. I will continue to buy and enjoy my Intrinsic life!!

Emily, Australia

Thank you so much

I am 13 and I believe in myself. When i'm sad, I open this website. The inspirations and colorful backgrounds make my day... Thank you so much once again.

Itani, Saudi Arabia

Feels like destiny

Thank you so very much for sending me another 'destiny' bookmark for free - you have no idea how impressed I was with your company sending me one so promptly and for gratis!  I will certainly be extolling the virtues of your company to all my friends!  It is so refreshing in this day and age to discover a company that responds so positively to their consumers.

Catherine, Australia

Amazing Ecards

Thank you so much for the opportunity of sending free e-cards.  I have had wonderful responses to the e-cards I have forwarded and the designs are absolutely perfect. 

Samantha, Australia

Christmas Goodies

It was a delight to see my wish turning into real! Thanks for the lovely invitation download. The Christmas goodies and wallpaper are also very beautiful. Keep up the good work and thanks again!

Ila, India

Speedy service

I was very excited about the speedy service and the parcel arrived in good condition. I am  a pallative carer and think Adèle has really nailed the choice of heartfelt words on the obstacles cards. 

Tricia, Australia

Sooooo Happy

I have just placed an order from your website.. a 21st guestbook I have been looking out for one of those for AGES soo was soooooooo happy when I found your website :) I Love stars and blue :)

Ciara, Ireland

Prettiest Journal

I have to write to thank you again for my Soul Journal.  I am reading a daily meditation called “Simple Abundance” and one of the things the writer suggests is to find the prettiest journal possible and keep a gratitude journal.  Well honestly I had thought my Soul Journal was just tooooo pretty to even write in.  But upon her suggestion I am writing a list of things I am grateful for in the daily journal part.

Angela, Australia

So Much More

This is one of the best sites I have visited. All I wanted was a free e-card, and I got so much more, thanks.
Leanne, Australia

Human Touch

Thank you for the cheerful welcome! I originally found your site because I put "Spanish ecards" into the google search.  So thanks for having some Spanish cards as well.  I will certainly pass around the word and encourage other friends here to join.  Thank you for your work and for your "human" touch to the business.

Laura, Bolivia

Family Tradition 

I just wanted to let you know that I am an avid fan of your cards and have been buying them for my family.  I gave my daughter one of your cards when she got engaged, have one set aside for her wedding in February, gave her one for her birthday and her fiance and her two brothers.  I think it's going to be an ongoing family tradition!

Belinda, Australia

Thank You

Hey Intrinsic Team, thank you very much for sending me new updates through email I really like your products.

Rabia, Saudi Arabia

Sheer Joy

Words cannot express how surprised & filled with sheer Joy I was to receive the beautiful package you sent me!  You are such a beautiful couple-truly Angels in disguise.  I am genuinely speechless that you felt that I was worthy of your unconditional kindness & generosity.

Jada, USA

Thanks for listening

Thankyou so much for listening to my request for 50th Birthday Invitations.
Love the Colour
Love the Style
Suits me and my 50th Birthday Celebration perfectly!!
Have already printed them and have them ready to send out  3 !/2 months early!!!
Feels great to be organised for once!!!!

Julie, Australia

Wallpaper love

Thank you so much for making the wallpapers larger for me. I know have them proudly on both of my home computers as well as at work! I will take a closer look at all of your great products now that I know I can order! You'll be hearing from me soon!

Valerie, Canada

Prompt Replies

Seldom have I ever gotten such a great reply from an email.....and so prompt too!  Thankyou so much. I would love it if you put me on your list for next years calendar.  Gives me another thing to look forward to, and I will definitely join your online community.

Bonnie, USA

I Just Love your Designs

I want to thank you in advance for sharing my request in your next design meeting. Its great that Intrinsic has such an interest in their consumers and their wants. No businesses ever answer my online questions, nevermind follow up. I did recieve my calendar a few days ago and absoulety LOVE it!
My dream is to intern/work for Intrinsic because I just love your designs. 
Once again thank you for your assistance!

Marissa, USA

Radiating Wonderful Energy

Hello there Trish, Adele & all of the wonderful staff at Intrinsic,
Thank you so very much for this very informative, useful planet saving book. It was such a surprise to see that Adele had hand signed it for me.
Your website, cards & staff at intrinsic seem to radiate the most wonderful energy. Whenever I need a lift I  just tap onto your website & I feel so much better.
Thank you all again,

Tamara, Australia

Positive and Uplifting

Please forward my thanks to Adele for Suzuki’s’s wonderful. 
I would have liked to have sent Adele a card of thanks, but thought that was maybe like buying a winemaker a bottle of wine!  Instead I have chosen to show my appreciation by 1.  Sending you this email and 2. By forwarding Intrinsic’s website details to everyone in my address book. Best wishes to all of you...I can’t imagine a more positive and uplifting place to work!
Kindest regards

Clare, Australia

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