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We hope to fill our box to the brim, full of your suggestions for a bigger, brighter, better Intrinsic.

Leave no stone unturned...fossick through our website, online store, monthly newsletter, product range and we'll reveal your hints, tips and ideas here.

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Simone suggests...

I was wondering whether you have a perpetual diary. I thought it would be a lovely keepsake to pass down to my children - a diary with all our important family dates, births, deaths, anniversaries, etc recorded in it. An Intrinsic one would be extra special.

Intrinsic says...Hi Simone, product development is very high on our goalboard, with the introduction of innovative products each year to delight our customers. Some products such as those with many individual pages can take 2-3 years from conception to the retail shelf, so rest assured that we will consider your request as we plan the introduction of products and re-evaluate current ones.


Lisa suggests...

Just an idea - I would love to see a range of Diaries (refillable or non refillable)!

Lisa :)


Sharon suggests...

I would love to see yearly Diaries in those beautiful colours and also invitations, such as Birthdays, Weddings, Christenings etc. With the Diary, probably an A5 size would be best (handbags are so big these days I think the old pocket ones would be lost forever lol). And with the invitations, I'd prefer cards with envelopes in packs of 10 - 12.

I just love your products, I actually started using your journals for my IVF journey over a period of time and then when I had my son at 25 weeks in 2008, I continued his NICU journey with them. So really........thank you to you guys!

Intrinsic says...Thanks Sharon! We will certainly put your suggestions forward at our next design meeting.


Nicolle suggests...

I love using the Monthly Planners that you offer as a free download! I use them to keep my projects on track and find that I am writing on the bottom of the planner each month another line to note what is coming up for the next month so I can transfer info over once the next month planner is available. As a suggestion, can you consider adding one more line to the bottom of the planner for notes to be carried over to the next month?!

Intrinsic says...We sure can! It's a terrific idea and you can expect to see a Notes section in the July planner. Thanks Nicolle.


Hannah suggests...


But i think it would be cool if u guys could have some stuff to do like intrinsic recipes and how to make stuff like Christmas decorations and stuff like that.

Intrinsic says... It's great to hear from you Hannah! You may like to look at our Enjoy section, where you'll find a great selection of Handmade Goodies. Just click here.


Wallpapers & Planners

Rebecca suggests...

I was just wondering if you print and sell the menu planners, I would love to have some in your beautiful colours, they are just gorgeous.


Emily suggests...

Can you PLEASE do a New years resoultion/dreams download for 2010?? I loved the 2009 ones and was hoping you would release the updated versions with the January newsletter!


Intrinsic says... Yes, absolutely! We've lovingly created two gorgeous 'Hopes, Dreams and Wishes' lists for 2010. You can find them in the Member's Only section. Enjoy xx

See Emily's response via our What You're Saying page...


Andréa suggests... 

For your wallpapers to display the quote and more of the design in the thumbnail. Adele's quotes are food for thought and really make you reflect, especially when you see them on your computer screen day after day. Another suggestion, is to release the monthly planner a week or a few days before the start of the new month, so we can start planning!
I love Adele's journals - it's great to hear and see how much has come from one person's dream and how much someone can achieve in one lifetime!  Congrats on making it to uni - I hope it's going well!
Thank you and keep up the good work everyone!


Kerry suggests...

I would find templates for weddings useful, i.e. save the date, gift registery, thank you cards, place settings, invites etc.


Natalie suggests...

It would be great if somehow you could put the monthly planners for the whole year on your website to download! All the same design just a different month (although your designs are very beautiful!)

I absolutely LOVE your monthly planners and to do lists! They are so helpful when life these days is so busy.

Just a thought! Thanks for everything you do!


Marjolein suggests...

I would like for you create printable planners in the size of my junior agenda, 80 x 125 mm.
I love the to do list and monthly planners, but I can't use them unless they fit into my agenda.
Another idea is for a birthday calendar without the days of the week, so that I can use it year in year out!


Product Ideas

Melissa suggests...

I was just wondering if you sell diaries? I would love to buy an Intrinsic diary, would you ever consider making some to sell in the future?


Amy suggests...

I have been looking for vinyl wall stickers with inspirational sayings for my teenage daughter and have not been able to find one geared toward teens. Many of your sayings are perfect.... i'm sure they would be a hit if you started selling them!

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